Friday, March 26, 2010

tentatif yg merepek like kerepek,,

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Jap gi kul10 aku kena gi lab utk prepare yogurt n candy peria..for product launching isnin ni..saje singgah jap kt sini sebab ase cam da lama la plak x menulis kt sini..winduu~ hehe

Kat sini aku nak story ckit perjalanan food product aku ni dr awal..sbb aku ase sangat lega, puas n teruja bila dapat settle kan bende nih..on my own own own idea..all by my own with the help n also idea from my team members..

First, we have to come out with the idea of product that we want to first, we choosed to produce potato-base product bcoz we looooove to eat potato-base products like hashbrown, wedges, wiped potato we decide to produce ‘stuffed potato’..we were trying harder to get a very good formulation for this product..i think about 3 trial for this and the result is da bomb..haha..sooo delicious..we produce mashed potato that we shaped and put some filling (chicken, carrot, mushroom n cheese) inside it..coated with rice flour for crunchy texture n fried..but when we present it infront of our lecturers (judges), they don’t really like that bcoz lack of technology and they said “gemok!gemok!”..haha..kicik ati den..they asked us to substituted potatoes with yam, eliminate cheese and put some local this stage, we stuck..i don’t know y I don’t think their idea was good enough..and I can see that majority of the teams involved produced juz about the same product..frozen, I decide to change it totally!

After doing some research, asking others opinion, I came out with the idea to produce first, my idea was to produce yogurt powder..coz I think I’ve never seen it in the change it from semi solid to solid, I can ekceli reduce the cost n extend the shelf life..but, after going through discussion wit my team members and asked some lecturers, there’s also some disadvantages on that..the bacteria (good one) will die when the yogurt undergo heat treatment to dry it..then, it is quite difficult to get back the original texture of yogurt after adding water to that powder..and the amount of water required to be added to the powder when people want to consume it also give us a problem..we need to do a very accurate assumption for lastly we decide to do juz a normal yogurt, but by using raw ingredients which has never been introduced in the market yet..and I choose bitter gourd!

Here again we faced to eliminate or at least reduced the bitter taste of the bitter gourd? We try to find others fruits that have a very strong taste which can mask that bitter taste..for the first trial, I really2 stressed and down bcoz we didn’t get what we want..we’ve tried banana, guava, honey dew etc but the result was BLUEK~~~ ..giler x sedap..for this first trial, ekceli the yogurt itself that we produced was not in a rite condition..we want semi solid yogurt but wat we got was yogurt drink! Totally liquid..aarrgghh! but we juz proceed and mix with fruits n bitter gourd and again, disappointed..

For the second trial, we used another formulation n method to make yogurt..i added some thickener to get that viscosity..and Alhamdulillah we got wat we want..but the probs regarding fruits still not settled. After asking, researching n praying, I decide to use mango to mask the bitter taste..then we choose water lily mango (after trying many mango, this is the sweetest)..thanks to my mum coz help me in finding this first, my mum was the one who buy the mango for us..but when we need to buy it by our self, we face another prob..emm,how to choose the rite mango ha?how to know the color of the flesh? How to know which mango is sweet and have the attractive colour?? Waaa..nyesal x blaja pilih buah ngan that moment, I juz wanna to scream “nak mak!!nak mak sekarang!!”..huhu..and nah, we bought the young n sour one..huhuhuhuhu..useless~

After settled with the yogurt production, we going to sensory, we need to conduct sensory test where we need to find about 20-30 panelist to taste n evaluate our is uneasy to find almost 30 panelists u know..we need to contact all our frens to come n help us..but the result was again disappointed..majority of the panelist didn’t like our yogurt..bitter, weird..they said..again my spirit going down to minimum level..we have no time to think about producing something else bcoz the launching date juz around the corner.. but then when I asked my lecturer, miss rohasmiza, she suggested to make a bitter gourd candy instead of blend bitter gourd together with yogurt..and also substituted ‘peria katak’ (the small one) with the big one which known to have less bitter taste..

We need 3 days to produce candy and 2 days to produce yogurt..after that, we need to do sensory test again to obtained new result for our new this time, we got almost positive response..alhamdulillah..but then, we need to rush n speed coz a week left b4 launching date..we need to analyse the sensory result, doing chemical analysis to obtain nutritional information, prepare poster n pamphlet, design labeling n packaging..and today I can say that 80% of our job was settled..we juz need to prepare product for launching day n get ready with some preparation for our booth..

Ya Allah..bantu aku dan kumpulan aku..berikan kejayaan pada kami..permudahakan keje kami..amin~

mango n bitter gour (main ingredients in yogurt)

reverse osmosis (making candy)


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