Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt..

done withe the first method of my mini project..yeah~~

got it done in just 2 days..pretty another 2 experiments before i can proceed to the production of yacon juice..

can it be done before winter holiday? InsyaAllah..i really hope that my holiday will be a heaven for me, without thingking about the practical..after finish with production of juice, i just need to focus on my reprt writting and preparation of slide for my presentation..yes! yes!yes!

alhamdulillah..Allah ease my way..u guys, do prays a lot k? InsyaAllah if u r really sincere with what u do, be patient and not mumbling, there's always a way..just have a little faith..orait?

today wuxi got snow..a small ball of ice which i called snow, but with extreme face, my hands and my foots rase kebas giler and even when i touched something, i cannot feel it..oh, i prefer hot than cold =)..nak buat labwork pon susah dow bila krem sebab sejuk yg teramat..

but i satisfied..i start to like mandarin language can be better if i stay quite a long time here =)
zhe shi la zi ji kuai this is seasoned chopped chicken + rice
rmb 10 = rm 5
zhe shi niu rou shui jiao this is beef boiled dumplings. and i request the soup =)
rmb 5 = rm 2.5
this is my luch for today..makan besar bak kate org cina..hehe..dumplings, hand-pulled noodles in brown sauce and fried eggs..
all together rmb 20 = rm 10
this is my meal when i was stuck at my room during rainy day last few days..nasi impit + serunding + tuna yg bawa dari Malaysia (T_T)
and u know what, sume foods kt atas tu aku makan share dengan my countrymate..means if every meals cost rmb 20, then in rm its only rm10, then share with my fren, divide again by 2, now its only cost me rm5..and all the meal portion is BIG..thats why kitorg sangat2 la jimat and aku boley makan macam2..hahahahaha [gelak puas ati]
salam perantauan dari Wuxi, China.

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UiTM di hatiku..

UiTM di hatiku..