Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i just heard a rumor that uitm result will be released on 10th december 2010.. wOw!!! what an unexpected date..i thought i will be a bit late..if this rumor is true, means it is just about a week from now..friday next week if im not mistaken..oh gosh~

i feel like just finished my papers a few days back..the time is running fast..tak terkejor eden ni ha...maybe because i was too busy with all thing around and dont even have the time to think about the result..hmm..maybe..

now everything's settled..my visa, insurance, and flight ticket..just wait for them to bank in the money..hehe..oh, my thesis also done..baru submit tadi..hehe..legaaaa seyh~ alhamdulillah..

waiting for my result..hope everything ok and i can have my graduation day next year..im so excited watching all the graduates just now..i want to wear that suit..hehe..


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UiTM di hatiku..

UiTM di hatiku..