Wednesday, November 12, 2008

another one to go!!!!!!!

Yeah...another 1 to go.. After this last paper, my third semester is finish..harharhar..
can't wait to finish it..just like waiting for is just an exam anyway..hehe..
I've finished my CTU,BEL,FST501,CHM413 and MIC500. only waiting for CHM431..
my last paper on this saturday.. maybe on monday, i will go to KL, n have fun..harharhar..
not really 'berpoya-poya', just hang out with my friend, watching movie, get some stuff, chatting and enjoy.....................................
but before that, remember another 1 to go..huhuhu..
quite tough subject for me..
i'm quite scary, coz until now, i just lepak2 n not start studying AT ALL!
i have a test tomorrow for the same subject..
i've try to do the tutorial, but seems like i don't know anything..
Owh My God, what to do????????
my plan, this morning wanna go to discuss with my lecturer..
but she didn't answer my call..
just wondering if she is busy....
but, its ok..i will just go terjah her room..harharhar..

boleh tahan clear meja aku pas abes 3 paper..heheh

studying for atas katil, makan atas katil, tido atas katil..nazak2!

struggle for Food Microbiology..killer subject..
hopefully, when i get my result, i will satisfied with it..hopefully.....amin..

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UiTM di hatiku..

UiTM di hatiku..