Tuesday, December 3, 2013

move on. jaga hati.

When i decided to move on and leave u behind, please remember that was not coming from my heart. not from my desire. i was fighting my own heart and desire. it's difficult. it's hard. but thats life. i have to. i am sorry. i am really sorry (T_T)

we met at a right place, but not at a right time. we met, its Allah's plan. how we manage our heart, its our own responsibility. its your responsibility. its my responsibility.

before someone get hurt, i better make a move. make a move and far from u. let me face the pain. let time heal the pain.

this is the hardest decision i ever made. letting go someone i really love. letting go someone who makes me happy.

can u see the pain i carry?

i have to. i am sorry. i am really sorry.

i do this for your happiness. i kill myself for your happiness. please, be happy. please!

i will always pray for your happiness. please pray for mine too. i may or may not find someone like u anymore. but its ok. someone need to be hurt and its better to be me. yes, it is better to be me.

Anggaplah apa yang pernah terjadi antara kita sebagai ujian dari Allah untuk menguji hati kita. Please leave me (T_T)

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UiTM di hatiku..

UiTM di hatiku..