Friday, July 19, 2013


Yesterday, me and my colleague was called to meet our manager aka our boss and the meeting gonna be held in meeting room.

Usually, when we are called up, it is either she wants to brief on the incoming job, or brief on preparation for any audit, or just a sharing on the task she gave and our progress.

But yesterday, she started the conversation with " i hope you guys stay calm after u hear what i gonna say"

Halamak! serius aku tak suke bile die cakap macam tu. Sebab, ape yang dok bermain-main dalam kepala otak aku ialah "department lain ade komplen pasal aku ke? MD ade komplen pasal aku ke? Department lain tak suke keje kitorang ke? Ade masalah dengan previous audit ke? Keje aku tak memuaskan ke?"

menerjah nerjah segala macam andaian masuk dalam kepala aku ni ha. memang suspicious habis. aku dah nebes tahap dewa dah. berpelu-peluh tak hengat, ketaq lutut bagai.

after a short silent, she continue.............

I tendered...............

"what???" monolog hati aku menjerit jerit tapi tak terluah kat mulut sebab mulut aku dah melopong mase tuh.

"I don't want u guys to hear from anyone else. I want u guys to hear this from me, because i respect u and u guys are like my own family"

mata mule memerah. pastu terase panas. pastu tetibe meleleh keluar air mata. and, she was the first person that cry.

Aku lelaju pegi lari keluar amek sekotak tisu kat meja bawak masuk meeting room. pastu duduk depan dia semula pas amek selai due tisu.

"I want u to know, i leave not because of the company. not because of the people in the company. i leave not because i want to go to other company. it is because of my personal matter, and i just feel that this is the time and i need to let go something that very dear to me"

"i will leave Malaysia"

"what i can is a year of depression.........."

"it is hard for me too. really. but live must go on. please don't leave because i leave. please stay. and help the company. i can tell u, if u want to find the opportunities to grow, this is the right company"

"in this past 3 years and a half, i can see myself growing. a lot! I started fresh, zero, alone. just like u guys. if i can do it, u can do it too. it is just a matter of effort."

"i admit, it is not easy. u need to struggle hard. but i can guarantee, it worth it"


" i know atiqah, u are still new, baru masuk. sebab tu u sangat sedih"

i was crying a lot that time..

"i can smell your ability. your capability. i believe in u guys. infact, i was thankful that i have both of u. i have no regret in choosing u as my subordinate"

"after this, u will report to James (MD) directly"

after a short silent, i spoke up

"i am new. i still trying to adapt to this environment. this is not my field. i admit that, i am 100% rely on u. i don't know what will happen if u r not here"

"don't worry. i will talk to all the HOD to help and guide u. they will help, adik" - she sometimes call me adik which i like the most!

"please don't give up. don't feel down. this is our fate. i was very happy to see how both of u handle the situation when i went for retreat last time. i was very happy"

and our conversation continue for about and hour.

Aku shock! never cross my mind that my boss will leave me so soon. Never!

Aku dalam QA department. and QA is not an easy job. 

Kena deal denagn semua department in the company. Kena face a lot of audit from government, from certification body, from customer.

Sama ada company akan terus dapat supply produk kat customer atau tak, bergantung kepada audit result yang di handle oleh QA.

Complaint juga jatuh kat bahu QA.

kualiti mase proses pun jatuh kat bahu QA.

nak dapatkan certificate ISO, GMP, segala macam regulatory compliances, semua jatuh kat bahu QA.

and she is the one! she guides me a lot. i rely on her, 100%. She knows everything.

i just can't imagine how we want to tackle all this without her.

Sekarang ni, aku masih tak percaya dan takleh terime kenyataan. Rasa macam nak tampar diri sendiri laju laju, tapi sakit! maksudnye, ni kenyataan la. hadoi.

"this 2 months and a half, please learn as much as u can."


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UiTM di hatiku..

UiTM di hatiku..